Book 2 in the Trilogy

Tony Virenti, a young Italian, is serving a life sentence in a dire English prison having been wrongly convicted on circumstantial evidence of slaying a British lawyer and his family.

In Italy his uncle, Massimo Pulverenti, the Mafia Godfather, is under pressure from family elders to seek Virenti’s release as they are convinced there was collusion between the British police and the authorities with Freemason connections at the trial. Massimo is also concerned with the failing health of Virenti’s mother, and as her desire is to see her son home again he makes a promise to set the boy free.

He assigns the Mafia’s top Italian lawyer to the case but the lawyer faces strong resistance from the British authorities and the police and he learns of the involvement of the Freemasons.

The lawyer is brilliant and has never lost a case and he is determined to beat the British legal system but he encounters delays, delays that put pressure on Massimo, who then decides to secretly free Virenti the Mafia way. Two methods with one single objective. One legal, one illegal.WILL EITHER SUCCEED?


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