Nantwich Food Festival

Posted on Sep 04 2017
Hi There folks. This past weekend a three day food festival was held in my home town in the UK and not having lived here for many a year I have never previously had the pleasure of the experience. So on a bright and sunny Saturday afternoon my family and I set forth to explore, and I must say it was brilliant, so congratulations to the organisers and volunteers. The organisation is obviously not...


Posted on Aug 08 2017
Hi Folks. Do you ever get the feeling that ad word are deceptive, intentionally? Take the one I have used here. What were your first thoughts. The cigareete would be my guess and rightly so but, it would be wrong. The subject for this blog is Food. Eh? Food? Yep! have you noticed lately how smoking is making a huge revival? Well it is here in the UK, perhaps if you have the time you could drop me...

Frustrations on the move

Posted on Jul 07 2017
Beside the lake, beneath the trees Fluttering and dancing in the breeze Hi everyone. I’m back after a wee too long break. The lines above are from one of the poems that has stayed with me over the years. I wonder if you can name the author. The title is the name of a flower. In my last blog I left a few lines of another poem and this was correctly guessed by a person who reads me frequently...

The move and other things

Posted on May 12 2017
Felicitations. Well, you wont believe this but due to our move there has been little time for me to write a blog. There has been so much to do since arrival, both during the day and evening that this is the first occasion allowing time. And guess what? I am probably the worlds worst on a PC and having just spent an hour writing a blog I have just deleted it and god only knows where it is because I...

Moving out, moving on!

Posted on Mar 03 2017
Hi Everyone. I start with an apology for missing out on my blog page but events have been so hectic 0ver the past weeks that I have had little time to spare. In fact they still are but I made a conscious decision today that I must site down and write and put to one side house searches and everything else that comes with moving from one country to another. Yes we are on the move, not by choice but...


Posted on Dec 31 2016
Happy New Year to you all wherever you are. To borrow a few words from Irving Berlin – May your days be merry and bright. And may all your dreams come true. I wish you good luck, health and happiness and remember – keep reaching for the stars. See you in 2017 harry

I wish

Posted on Dec 18 2016
Hi there. Trust good health abounds with you all. This is my last blog for the year 2016 and as I thought about a subject the realisation struck that in many ways this is the time of the year for children. It is of course for children of the Christian faith but the celebrations are catching on in the Muslim world, especially in Dubai where there are absolutely wonderful decorations in the malls and...

Special Days

Posted on Nov 27 2016
White rabbits! Wonder if they have been kind for you through this month after my brief note on the first of November. My intention was to follow it up quickly but I got side tracked and need to write now before the month is out. Time is moving so fast these days. Not too long ago we here in the UAE celebrated the nations flag day and here we are with the weekend approaching when we celebrate the countries...

November 1

Posted on Nov 01 2016
White rabbits!

Winter in Autumn

Posted on Oct 17 2016
Hi there wherever you may be. In the hot and sunnthe y UAE perhaps or living the life in new York, Amsterdam or Brussels. The weather was a subject my young daughter and I discussed yesterday  morning on the way to school. Actually we had just stepped out of the building and were in the shade walking towards the car when my little one said ‘Its a little warmer today don’t you think.’...