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Posted on Jan 03 2018

My best wishes for a Happy New Year to you where ever you may be and may all your dreams and wishes come true.

Time moved far too quickly for me during the latter few months of 2017 when we relocated to a home of our own during early October and with so much work to do I had no time to write a blog so to my regular readers my apologies. The move has been thwarted with problems that were not obvious when we viewed the property prior to purchase and our home is presently a disaster area. No bathroom as we ripped out the existing when we discovered the state is was in and the same with the kitchen so at the minute my young daughter and I are kind of camping out in the structure but what I have discovered through renovations is what one should be doing for a job in the UK. You need to be a plumber, electrician, plasterer or decorator because they are so in demand that for some an appointment to visit and provide a quotation is literally weeks and weeks away.

What I have also learned is that an easy office position is that of a property sales agent. Apart from advertising your property many appear to do little else. Many do not visit with you at viewing times and leave you to your own devises and they have to be asked for information about a property. Very few can answer questions about  property sales when initially asked. The fees agents charge are not cheap so wages should be good. Maybe its me but I expect sales people to be very knowledgeable in the product they are selling and estate agents fall into that category.

I also believe there should be legislation in place for a sales retention sum to be withheld from the seller for a period of months and where found necessary paid to a purchaser for major defects and omissions found in a property. I could list quite a number from our move but will refrain. What I will say is that a fully furnished house seen when viewing can hide many defects.

So for the next few months my daily time will be spent renovating the property. What a blessing that it is something I like doing, well apart from plumbing and electrical work that is. Designing and planning a new bathroom and kitchen I have already done together with the search and purchase of quality fitments and fittings. If you have a talent for interior design then pursue it as the finished article is most rewarding. My mobile is crammed full of interior fit-outs we did in the UAE.

Luckily my young daughter is a brilliant talent and has developed a fantastic flair for animation drawings both on a mobile and laptop. Her request for a Christmas resent was only one item. A designers gadget from a company called Wacom. I have discovered the items it sells are used by top designers around the world. Now I wait to see what she can do once it arrives. Her birthday falls at the end of this month so I wait to see if she has deigns on anything else. I think attire for young ladies should suffice.

Well, that’s me done for now. Let us all look forward to a year of good health and happiness in what is the Chinese Year of the Dog. No doubt there will be huge celebrations worldwide on the 16th February as the Chinese New Year appears to go from strength to strength year upon year.

Take care with whatever you do and keep reaching for the stars.

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