Nantwich Food Festival

Posted on Sep 04 2017

Hi There folks.

This past weekend a three day food festival was held in my home town in the UK and not having lived here for many a year I have never previously had the pleasure of the experience. So on a bright and sunny Saturday afternoon my family and I set forth to explore, and I must say it was brilliant, so congratulations to the organisers and volunteers. The organisation is obviously not an easy task as the event is held in several locations in the town itself with car parking on the periphery or wherever a space was available in town.

Probably because of its unconfined location one could attend without paying an entrance fee. Many other town and city events of a similar nature charge admittance fees. Liverpool for example is holding a two day Food and Drink Festival on the 16th and 17th of this month. The location is said to be in a park(Field) and I presume within an enclosure as the entrance fee on the day is £20. So well done to my home town. I spoke with a number of stall holders  and they travel to similar events throughout the yearly season and apparently many are held throughout the length and breadth of the country.

My home town is Nantwich in Cheshire, UK. It is a lovely olde worlde town of charm and character with black and white buildings dotted around and it receives thousands of visitors throughout the year. The icon is St Mary’s church that is really beautiful and in which I was privileged to sing in the choir as a young man. It is the one location I visit every time I return to my place of birth. So if you are planning to visit the UK for a vacation next year and have an interest in visiting our towns and villages please put Nantwich on your list and look it up on the web. Rest assured you will not be disappointed.

The Nantwich Food and Drink Festival to me is a little akin to the Munich Beer Festival but on a much smaller scale as there were so many stalls selling, and offering samples of special craft beers, ciders and gins. Believe me there were many takers. The foods were of particular interest and many were speciality foods, kind of home made and that makes them all the more attractive to the tune that every stall you passed had a queue waiting to be served and there were many, many food stalls. I visited on Sunday also, the last day, and even though the day was overcast, dull and fairly cold the whole town was packed, just like Saturday. It was so full that on Saturday when we got food there was not one vacant table, and there were many tables under canvas.

I cannot comment on past years but this year there was live music, entertainment, street food, cooking demonstrations and children’s activities and literally hundreds of exhibitors. In a food theatre many  events took place with celebrities displaying their skills. This year there was Candice Brown, who was the winner of the British Bake Off in 2016 plus Nigel Brown, Clair Bassano and Katy Ashworth plus several others. It is by no means a tiny town event but if you are in the area next year around the end of August come September and would like to have an enjoyable experience then look up Nantwich on your PC and get on over here.

Good health and luck to you all wherever you are. See you next time.



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