Frustrations on the move

Posted on Jul 07 2017

Beside the lake, beneath the trees
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze

Hi everyone. I’m back after a wee too long break. The lines above are from one of the poems that has stayed with me over the years. I wonder if you can name the author. The title is the name of a flower. In my last blog I left a few lines of another poem and this was correctly guessed by a person who reads me frequently and offers advice when I get the occasional saying slightly wrong. Thank you for your comment. Much appreciated.

My absence over the past few weeks was due to the volume of work that I am having to do following our move to the UK. House searching, UK residency, schooling, car transporting, the list goes on. If like me you assume things will happen naturally and documentation will be taken care of by others, then we are wrong. Perhaps its me but my car is a prime example of expectation and I’ll give you the scenario in case you are ever to follow in my footsteps. The shipping from a foreign port was no trouble and the car arrived on the due date in a port in London. 22nd May 2017. Then no news of it arriving in the midlands and the days started passing by without any explanation. Many phone calls resulted in promises being made by a shipping agent in the UK but to no avail. Then after four weeks of hassle from me we receive a letter out of the blue from a  Government Department dealing with tax and import duty to say that the importation had been approved and we could proceed with registration through the DVLA. So on to the agent I go again to be promised the car will be in their midlands depot soon. The days passed and no news. Eventually I receive a call to say it had been delivered. A sigh of relief from me. The plan was for it then to be collected by a transporter and taken to a specialist for an overhaul but it occurred that we had packed boxes into it at the last minute and these should be recovered, so a trip to the depot ensued but what did we find? The car was parked partly under a tree and away from all others in the compound and when we approached I could see it was covered in dust and there were bird droppings on it. A company rep was with us so I asked him how long it had been there. ‘Oh quite a number of days’ he replied. Not nice eh to not be told the truth but one learns.

I then enquired as to when the company would process the paperwork through the DVLA. Guess whats coming! That’s not our duty sir. We only import the car. Back home I send a message to the shipping company to be advised that the statement was correct and they would contact another company for the registration etc and I could pay them direct. Brilliant! No word of this at our initial negotiations. So there is a lesson to be learned here if any reader ever contemplate copying me. Make absolutely sure before you agree to ship that the company states exactly what it will do and arrange.

I still don’t have the car as its now with a garage that specialises in that make. It will be given a thorough overall and be in tip top condition before it goes on the road. Driving will be interesting as its a left hooker but I’m not too concerned as I’ve been in a similar driving situation in the past. I recall stopping briefly outside Harrods in London in a left hook Lotus Elan on Dubai plates many years ago. It drew quite a lot of attention but then she was a beautiful lady.

Well that’s me done. Much work and stress lies ahead. House hunting proving difficult. Particularly with people who do not respond to enquiries and do what they are hired to do. Quite different than working in the Middle East where people act promptly and efficiently and things get done on time and as promised. I am learning not to be so foolish in expecting the same here. But that’s life I guess.

Until next time keep shooting for the stars and good luck to you all.

Don’t forget the poem!

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