The move and other things

Posted on May 12 2017


Well, you wont believe this but due to our move there has been little time for me to write a blog. There has been so much to do since arrival, both during the day and evening that this is the first occasion allowing time. And guess what? I am probably the worlds worst on a PC and having just spent an hour writing a blog I have just deleted it and god only knows where it is because I can’t find it so here we go again.

To say the last days of our time in the UAE were hectic and fraught with problems would be an understatement. When things don’t go according to plan then life is not comfortable. I had planned out everything we should do to ensure our departure went smooth and ticked off each item as we progressed but I forgot one thing. The human element. I had our electricity meter read and the supply cut off and the bill paid only for the agent for our apartment to advise that I had not done this. We went to the bank on the day of departure to close the account, monies already withdrawn, only to be advised that there was an issue and they bank couldn’t close the account but they would deal with-it and advise us accordingly in the UK. We are still waiting to hear from them. It’s still not closed and we still have issues with the estate agent. Great when they don’t respond to emails. I have never had the occasion to contact a bank via email but have discovered that its impossible with mine. One has to resort to telephone calls. Brilliant when calls are international and long distance and all you hear is menu after menu and at times you never get through to a human!

Have you ever noticed the service that really isn’t a service. Take the banks and the time it takes for you to get through and speak with someone. While you are merrily working your way through the menus the clock is ticking and you are spending money. Hey, this is called service. I have also discovered the NHS in the UK. OMG! What service? This is the situation where I live. If you want to make an appointment you have two options: a)Phone in at 8.30am or b) Queue outside the Health Centre at 8.30am. Brilliant. Lets consider a) Every Tom, Dick and Harry is phoning and you can’t get through. When you eventually do, say thirty minutes later, you are advised that all the appointments for the day are full and please try again tomorrow. b) When you arrive five minutes say before 8.30am there is already a queue and if it is quite long then by the time you reach the reception desk the appointments for the day are full, but the best bit is that you cannot book for the following day, oh no, you have to go through the whole process the following day. There is no thought for senior citizens or mothers with young children standing outside in all weather conditions. What an absolutely wonderful system! This is real service for you. I’m am considering writing to the local MP to request the name be changed from the NHS to NH as the S does not exist. I would do that now but realise the MP will be so busy trying to work out how he can garner enough votes to win the election that he will have no time for mundane tasks like talking to his constituents over problems. I have none service issues with BT that have been going on for three weeks but that’s another story.

Still, such is life. Having just used that phrase I’ll leave you now with a wee question. Do you know who wrote the poem containing the lines: ‘Such is life if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare. No time to stand beneath the bows, and stare as long as sheep or cows. No time….’

Till the next time, and I promise it wont be long, take care and keep reaching for the stars.


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  1. Me says:

    I’m not sure but it might be William Henry Davies ????
    Don’t forget to save while writing ( every few phrases )
    Wishing you all the best ,

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