Moving out, moving on!

Posted on Mar 03 2017

Hi Everyone.

I start with an apology for missing out on my blog page but events have been so hectic 0ver the past weeks that I have had little time to spare. In fact they still are but I made a conscious decision today that I must site down and write and put to one side house searches and everything else that comes with moving from one country to another. Yes we are on the move, not by choice but by circumstances that will not allow my residence visa to be extended. So in a matter of weeks we will be on our way to the UK to view property and select one that will become our permanent home.

Hey, have you ever relocated from afar? Here in the UAE when a residence visa is cancelled then one months grace period is permitted before you have to leave. But my situation is compounded somewhat in that my wife and daughters residence visas were  cancelled on the 20th February 2017 and I am still waiting for mine to be cancelled so they should leave by that date and can return immediately or if departure is delayed then a fine is payable. Great eh?

That is just one item on the list. A major is a house search in the UK. Now I thought that would be a piece of cake. How wrong can one be? Searching the numerous properties is time consuming with three major web sites to view, each with many Estate Agents listed thereon, but it is even more so when the area is new to you. What I have discovered is that when you select a property through several web sites then there are pages of information to thumb through. It takes time especially in our case as we have to locate decent schools located relatively close. But the unbelievable is the total lack of professionalism by the estate agents. None that I have been in contact with would last a day here in the environment of the UAE where virtually everyone is switched on to their task. The UK agents I have spoken to have a total lack of knowledge of the properties they are selling and cannot answer questions quickly without reverting to an owner and even then they fail to respond. I am not simply speaking of the mothers working in a show room/sales office but directors of a company. They had visited and inspected properties but their observations of interiors was non-existent. Totally unbelievable. And the sales brochures exonerate them from virtually everything. What an easy job they have.

So how the viewing will go with these people remains to be seen. I find it quite incredible that so called professional people are so unprofessional. Another situation we have discovered is short term rental. Friends and I thought it would be easy to rent furnished property for say three months. Not so unless you want to pay out thousands of pounds each month and who realistically wants to do that? Apparently owners will lease for a year but they are not interested in short term.

Schooling is another item where we have reached a stopping point as we cannot register our daughter without a bona-fide address. Guess that’s kind of logical but  not what I expected. So as we are unable to register for school or find short term residence in the town then our whole plans were kind of blown away and the thinking caps came on again. Luckily the head at my daughters school has been quite helpful so plans are in place for education through to the summer break in June, albeit not here as we depart by the third week of this month.

At home there is all the organisation one has to do. Cancelling bank, credit card and telephone accounts. Arranging meter readings for service disconnections and paying accounts before departure, repainting the property and ensuring all is left in good condition prior to inspection, essential for a bond to be returned intact. Then there is the departure itself. Arranging hotels, flights and other transport. Still much for us to do so with a bit of luck next month I will be in the UK with more time on my hands to pen a few words. Until then I wish you all well and don’t forget – keep reaching for the stars – but don’t move home!!

Take care.  Moving out, moving on. Fantastic!

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