I wish

Posted on Dec 18 2016

Hi there. Trust good health abounds with you all. This is my last blog for the year 2016 and as I thought about a subject the realisation struck that in many ways this is the time of the year for children. It is of course for children of the Christian faith but the celebrations are catching on in the Muslim world, especially in Dubai where there are absolutely wonderful decorations in the malls and Santa’s grottos for little ones to visit.

For children living an a warm family environment the festive season is fine and wonderful but my heart goes out to those poor little mites living in war torn countries and those living in poor countries. Children who may never experience the joys of Christmas. And so the wee phrase ‘I wish’ comes to mind. I wish is used by adults at times when thoughts turn to material things we would like but can’t afford, its also used when there are none material things we desire and the phrase is uttered with tongue in cheek.

But how about the little ones in the world who may never experience the wonders of Christmas and each day is a day of survival in desperately poor living conditions. Would ‘I wish’ ever enter their head? Food for thought eh? For me I wish I could go inside their head to learn what they think of each day when life is so unkind to them. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our wishes came true and we could whisk these poor little mites out of their doom and gloom into a world that offers love, warmth and kindness. I wish.

I got to thinking the other day as I strolled through one of the malls with my little one as to how much commercialism has killed off the awe and wonder of Christmas. When we were kids we would go to bed on Christmas Eve all excited in the thought that Father Christmas would come to our home that evening and leave presents for us to open on Christmas morning. We would try to stay awake in order to see him but we never did and we were so excited that we woke up in the early hours to discover what presents we had. Much to the discomfort of our parents I guess.  Now the kids seem to know all about how they got their presents while they are still quite young. The magic has kind of gone. Luckily for my children they have tried to keep the magic going with their offspring’s for as long as possible and you know its kind of a nice thing for parents to do.

I once used to own a large country pub in Derbyshire, on the outskirts of Sheffield, England, called the Robin Hood and Christmas was special for everyone. A tree would always have its place and the staff would decorate the whole interior. The atmosphere was rather special. I wonder if there is a Robin Hood near to where you live? If so why not call in on the day for festive cheer. You would if you were with me!

At home we are on countdown to the day. Well my daughter is, Every day she asks how many days to go as the suspense is killing as she has to wait until the 25th to open the presents from under the tree that she and I decorated at the beginning of the month. Its a lovely time for us as we listen and sing to a CD of Christmas Carols in the car. My little one knows all the words to The Twelve Days of Christmas. Not me, never could remember them.

Well its time for me to close and to wish you all a lovely Christmas wherever you are and even if you are not of the Christian faith may I wish you a joyful time and each and everyone a Happy New Year. See you in 2017. What a pity its not going to snow here!

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