Special Days

Posted on Nov 27 2016

White rabbits! Wonder if they have been kind for you through this month after my brief note on the first of November. My intention was to follow it up quickly but I got side tracked and need to write now before the month is out. Time is moving so fast these days. Not too long ago we here in the UAE celebrated the nations flag day and here we are with the weekend approaching when we celebrate the countries independence day. At the beginning of the month it was bonfire night, not celebrated here but in the UK  then only a week or so back it was Halloween and a great night for the children in the village where I live. My daughter and her friends had a great time and there were some wonderful sights out in the night.

The Independence word always reminds me of the US and that country has been and still is a huge topic on the web. Images of president elect Donald Trump are numerous every day. Now Hilary Clinton is back in the frame with talk abounding of a recount in certain states and today there is comment of how Barrack Obama will leave the White House.

Last week those living across the pond, and here actually, were preparing for Thanksgiving (US not Canadian). As you may know, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November and in recent times is followed by Black Friday which came about as a reaction to all the pent up retail demand caused by eating turkey and cranberry sauce.

Retailers both on-line and off-line have suddenly hijacked Black Friday and it has become a week of promotional activity. And in France one local supermarket has come up with Flash Friday, which lasts for three days! Then there is White Friday. Hey, when will it end?

The notion of Black Friday was originated in the States and was intended to jump start the frenetic period of Christmas shopping.

My friends in France advised that at first the country seemed isolated from this, but just like Halloween early Christmas has been embraced (now that Beaujolais Nouveau has safely arrived). The Christmas lights have been turned on and the larger supermarkets are knee deep – literally, in Christmas fare. There is some consolation in that the splendid and lavish Christmas lights on the Champs Elysees use minimal energy with thousands of light bulbs being replaced by millions of LEDs. But the lights have already been on for over a fortnight. Just like the UK, mind you London was not using energy at the weekend as there was a power outage and the city centre was in darkness, well in part. Perhaps someone will advise me of the celebration timings in the US and Canada. Even here in the UAE, especially Dubai, some of the large malls and stores were trimmed with Christmas decorations weeks and weeks ago.

So back to special days. Next year we can probably look forward to Singles Day, which is currently celebrated in China on-line on 11 November. World records were broken for on-line spending. Singles Day is unashamedly for those people who are on their own.

It might be a wee bit too early for mulled wine at the minute, or maybe not. Mince pies were a making with daughter and me at the weekend but there will be other baking days as the pies we have will be gobbled up before the 25th. Two weeks ago we made a special none fattening Christmas cake but that will rest in its airtight box in the fridge for a month before sampling.  So as we lead up to the special day for the children privileged to enjoy it I hope you all enjoy your preferred beverage and don’t put on too much weight with so much rich food in the shops.

My heart goes out to the children of the world who are not so fortunate to benefit from the joy of Christ’s special day. God bless them and you all.

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