Winter in Autumn

Posted on Oct 17 2016

Hi there wherever you may be. In the hot and sunnthe y UAE perhaps or living the life in new York, Amsterdam or Brussels.

The weather was a subject my young daughter and I discussed yesterday  morning on the way to school. Actually we had just stepped out of the building and were in the shade walking towards the car when my little one said ‘Its a little warmer today don’t you think.’ The temperature was 32 degree celcius and yes it was slightly warmer than the previous mornings of this week. ‘Honey.’ I replied. ‘Wait until you are in the UK. This is a hot summers day there.’ ‘Oh come on dad, your jesting, its not that hot.’ Was the response from someone who has never lived in a country other than the UAE.

It then got me thinking that for the youngsters born and raised in hot countries it must be something of a shock when they move and live in cooler countries like the UK and parts of Europe where rain can be constant for days and the temperatures are low so that fingers suffer from the cold and damp. Then there are the deep mid winters, well I wonder if they get them anymore, the experience is so long ago that I can’t recall. I do recall on one occasion trudging through deep snow one cold but bright sunny morning and that was a pleasure especially when you are wearing the right gear.

Wearing the right gear. How that has changed over the years. At one time we had to wear layer upon layer of clothes to keep warm but what about now? At the weekend we were visiting one of the many malls in Dubai and I was complaining about how cold it was. It was so cold that it was a relief to emerge into the hot weather outside and thaw out a little. Then I realised why we were browsing through winter jackets, gloves, hats and scarves. The mall had turned down the temperature to encourage shoppers to buy winter clothes that were on prominent display in every major store. Now we are not looking at the kind of bulbous Michelin Men jackets but ultra thin jackets that provide the same insulation as the thicker models from a few years past. Thinsulate I believe was the material may jackets were made from.

My little one was quite taken with the soft lining in some of the children’s jackets and the soft, warm woolly hats and gloves. Not sure that woolly is the right description as the material now is lightweight with superb insulation to keep the body warm. Mind you soft warm colours are also an attraction for many young girls. My little one tried many different types and colours. No doubt we will return to buy if we grant her wish to spend Christmas in the snow.

Christmas is now on the agenda as I am pondering where to go. New York would be brilliant but I don’t fancy the huge amount of time we would have to spend in a seat in an aeroplane. Europe is a little better but flying time there is around eight hours so the search continues. Christmas here in the malls is actually brilliant as they all go to town with the decorations and the top hotel restaurants have some of the best chefs in the world working here. So what to do? That is the quandary.

Ah well, its a pleasant way to spend a few hours searching. In the meanwhile I wish you all well for whatever you are doing and don’t forget – Keep reaching for the stars. Thank goodness for me my health scare of last month is past and the little heart is beating better again, not fully right but getting there. So Cheers from me until next month.

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