Brexit and the US.

Posted on Jul 17 2016

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Well, the UK (and the world) seems to have heaved a big sigh of relief as Theresa and Phillip May walked into number 10 last Wednesday. But what do we actually know about her? She had been the longest serving Home Secretary in over 60 years and she has a reputation for attending meetings (especially local ones), unlike other politicians.

Theresa was born in Eastbourne. She was the only daughter of a vicar. She went through the state school system and won a place at Oxford where graduated with BA in Geography in 1977. She worked at the Bank of England for five years and then later as financial consultant and senior advisor in International Affairs at the Associate for the Association for Payment Clearing Services. She later turned her hand at local politics, by being elected a councillor for the London Borough of Merton. In 1997, she was elected to the House of Commons representing Maidenhead. Upon her arrival in the House of Commons, William Hague appointed her to his opposing party front bench as Shadow Secretary for Schools. She became the first female Chairmen of the Conservative Party in July 2002.

She and her husband, Phillip, who has been a fund manager in the City for close to 40 years, live in Sonning-on-Thames, a sleepy village just outside of Reading. They count amongst their neighbours George and Amal Clooney, Jimmy Page, guitarist with Led Zeppelin and Uri Geller (does he still bend spoons?).

As a result of Mrs May’s new role, the stock markets and exchange rate with the US Dollar and the Euro have improved slightly. But the UK  still needs to be patient. Everything is still very new. And the new Chancellor needs to implement his own programme. What will be interesting is to see how things develop between Mrs May and Ms Sturgeon the First Minister for Scotland. Ms Sturgeon appears hell bent on having Scotland in the EU and to do that would mean it leaving the UK but Mrs May is determined to further the cause of a United Kingdom. We live in interesting times.

The appointment of Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary has been met with scepticism around the globe due to statements he has made in the past but Theresa May is no ones fool and for sure she has a good reason for his appointment. For one thing he is charismatic and probably a good salesman so time will tell. For sure he is a character like Donald Trump in the US and there are many commentators deriding him in the presidential election but this week reports are out that he is ahead of Hilary Clinton. Its a funny old world as the media has been on this week about Bills escapades with the opposite sex and then there was talk of Hilary facing criminal charges over emailgate. Yesterday I read of her not being in the best of health and you kind of think ‘Yeh, I can understand that with the stress of being in the public eye .’ Then there is talk of of her being an alcoholic and so the stories go on but the  Clintons can’t complain considering the money being raked in for personal appearances. For sure the press coverage of Boris and Theresa May in the UK and how Hilary and Donald fare in the run up to the presidential election will be headline news and absorbing reading. The decisions they make could have a profound effect on the lives of thousands.

And so with that interesting thought I bade you farewell for now and wish you all an enjoyable summer and a great vacation wherever you may be.

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