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Posted on May 19 2016

Hi There.

It’s that time of the month again and we have to come up with a subject. As evening falls and I sit at my laptop I’m racking my brain to think of one because at the moment I am at a loss for a subject. I could write about footie as the season in the UK is nearing an exciting end but not everyone is interested in the game. Cannes comes to mind as social media is full of it at the moment with the film festival being in full swing. Its an interesting place for those of you who have never been but I am not sure I would want to visit while the festival is on. Great location for sitting out in the sun and people watching while sipping a coffee or whatever takes your fancy or you could try something quite different and squeeze your body between all the other sun worshipers on the crowded waterfront, if that is also your want. Other than that the French shop keepers will willingly take your money from your pocket with ease if you are interested in purchasing expensive gifts. Food wise the place is interesting with various eateries all around. La Brouette de Grand-Mère, affectionately known as Grandmothers Wheelbarrow, is a name that has always stayed with me. It was an interesting place that we found and I guess it’s still there, absolutely years ago since I last visited. It must be one hell of a time of the year for food outlets in Cannes, other traders to I guess. I wonder if the weather is as changeable as it has been in Dubai this year? This has been the wettest I have ever known and its only during the past few that the temperature has reached its norm. Mind you there are not many residents complaining as we will live in temperatures hovering around 40 degree Celsius until they fall around November.

Politics has been prominent in the news recently with the President of the United States of America visiting the UK and advising all the brits not to vote for britex in the forthcoming elections when the UK goes to the poles to decide whether it should or should not stay in the European Union. The result will be interesting. I am not sure what Donald would advise. He’s a character eh? One to love or hate I guess, but you know he many be different that the majority of politicians in the US in that he will speak his mind because he is so rich that he is not dependent upon others to finance his campaign so he can say whatever he likes in freedom. Food for though eh? The British press and some of its comedians did not take too kindly to Obama telling them what to do and also stating that the UK would suffer trade wise with the US and go to the back of the queue if it opted to go out of the union. I read one journalist who asked how the American people would react if he informed congress that the United States was to be managed by Mexico, because the situation in the UK at the minute is similar. The country pays hundreds of thousands of pounds each week to the European Union and yet the Union governs 60% of the countries rules and regulation and decides what the UK can or cannot do. Kind of not quite fair in my book.  Voting’s in June but I will not participate due to the rules stating that wee Harry, and others like him, is not eligible if they have been residing out of the country for more than fifteen years. I have. But we have two interesting activities to look forward to. The UK in or out of Europe and Hilary or Donald for the White House. It would probably be a one horse race for the White House if it depended upon the candidates knowledge and experience in government of the country but life’s not like that and the most bizarre things happen at times so we will all watch with bated breath from across the pond. Really!

I’ll close now with a few words to a very special lady, no not my darling daughter. Happy belated birthday wishes Your Majesty. May god grant you continued good health and happiness in the years ahead. Yes I am a royalist and I had the pleasure of seeing an article of mine making the front page of a daily newspaper when the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh visited Kuwait many, many years ago. And with that cheerful note I also bid you all good health and until next month take care and keep reaching for the stars.


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